Web Thin Client and wrun32.exe running at 6%

Hi All,

We run with extend 9.0.1 web thin client/AcuConnetc via a client Internet Explorer.

We have found that on many occassions a wrun32.exe will be sitting on the server running at 6%.  The wrun32.exe process can be viewed in AcuConnect and looks active.  The web thin client however has disconnected so by all accounts the wrun32.exe should have shut down aswell.

Has anyone else come across these high running orphans or have any idea how to troubleshoot something like this.

Thanks in advance.


  • Have you experimented with TC_CHECK_ALIVE_INTERVAL

    This variable applies only in a thin client environment. Use it to specify how long the runtime should wait (in seconds) for an inactive client (a "dead" acuthin) before exiting the server runtime process. If you enter a value of "60", the runtime checks for client activity for 60 seconds. Client activity includes regular client user interaction or "ping" messages sent automatically from the client to the server. If no client activity is detected during the specified interval, the server runtime process exits. Valid values range from 1 to 32767. Set this variable to "0" to disable client checking. The default value is "300" (5 minutes).

  • These wrun32.exes can sit there for days until noticed so the default value of 5 minutes is not kicking in, zombines can be left for days. Have enough of them and the server can come to a standstill. 

  • I was wondering if you set it a bit lower 3 or 4 minutes if that changed anything

  • Ok I will give it a go.  Maybe the default is not working. Thanks.

  • I noticed an ECN for the upcoming release of 9.2 .. this may be impacting your situation ..

    SUBJECT: Thin client message box and window activiation error

    Change Number:  ECN-4186

    In some situations, the thin client would attempt to activate a window

    when responding to a message box, causing it to request info from the

    runtime at the same time that the runtime was requesting the message box

    response from the thin client, causing a deadlock.

  • Hi

    I have received this ECN-4186, to solve my problem with the Messagebox hanging in the Acuthin client. But after installing the ECN-4186 at the server, it didn't help anything.

    Does anybody know if I have to install a new Acuthin client with this ECN-4186, to get it working. My problem is that I am not Authorized to install at the Citrix client, and it would be nice to know it worked before involving others to do the install.  



  • Hi Steen, ECN-4186 is a change to atermmgr.dll, so Yes, the thin client in the patch needs to be on the client.