[archive] How do you do?

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 02 April 2007]


Recently, our company had a meet to talk about how things are doing and we reach the conclusion that we aren't doing well with acubench.

I start this thread to see how all of you (or who wants to answer :p ) works with the acubench to see if we are doing wel or at least known of other ways to workl, because in some cases we are getting a too low development speed.

Where we are a bit slow is in screen design. Normally, to create a new program, we copy paste the .psf and .wrk and start modifying the screen and i have some questions:

- We loose a lot of time deleting the events asigned to a control in the screen and in the .evt, acubench is a bit slow in that aspect or at least the way we use it, selecting the control, going to event tab, entering in the "..." button (it takes a bit to open the .evt for each control and event) and deleting the code we not going to use in that control. And all of this using the mouse; we dont see any other way to access with keyboard.
* Is there some way to create a new base form to select when pushing the "new" button in the acubench?
* You manually control the events of your screen?
* Is there a way to create a model of a control with default properties or events assigned on it and drag and drop it to your screen?
* And a more wide question, Is there a faster way to design a screen? :confused:

- The other big question is, How you generate your programs? I mean, when we generate our .psf file (we do not generate .wrk, we change it manually because in version 6.x the working manager doesn't work correctly and with the time we see that changing it manually is better because we can put coments in the variables and things get more clear) acubench generate lots of archives .lst, .evt, .lnk, .cbl, and so on. I know this can be changed in the project settings to only generate one file or the files you want. What i want is to know if there is some type of benefit using a one source file (.psf) or multiple files.
* The acubench opens faster the programs to edit them if they are splitted in vaious copy files, or not?
* Maybe you work with another editor of cobol?

I'll update this post with new doubts about how we are doing but basically what i want is to share our experience to know if another way to work better and faster is posible.

Thanks for reading and if want post some tip