[archive] AcuRuntime as CGI interpreter with IIS7

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 13 July 2007]

Up today we used the "wrun32.exe" only with IIS4, IIS5 and IIS6.
The new IIS7, which is used in Vista and Server2008, seems to pass no parameter to the "wrun32.exe".
Thus a call like “wrun32.exe -f does not xx.out” is no longer possible.
Also an environment variable A_CGI does not lead to success, since the IIS7 does not continue to give these to the "wrun32.exe".
Since A_CGI can not occur in the CBLCONFI, I do not find a possibility, how to configure the Runtime for the service of CGIs.

Which further possibilities do I have?

Frank-Peter Clees