Shutdown of IE(11) and Active X/cobol program

We are trying to certify our app with the 9.2.4 web thin client plug-in and IE11. When our app starts we start an IE session with the <OBJECT> tag as described in the Internet Programming documentation. For earlier versions of IE, we then shutdown the IE and ActiveX/cobol session at the same time using a button in our application (with some VB6 code) but we are now reviewing the shutdown process with the new runtime and IE11 due to some issues unique to IE11. Microfocus advise that they have no sample code and that there is no easy way within ACUCOBOL-GT to exit IE and the COBOL program but suggested trying an exit procedure such as the CBL-EXIT-PROC library routine. Has anybody been able to successfully achieve a graceful shutdown of IE and Active X/cobol program (at the same time) using cobol and if so can you share what you have done?