C$PDF Loading TrueType Fonts

Trying to load true type fonts with C$PDF using the following line of code and receiving the error message "invalid or missing parameter"

call "C$PDF" using HPDF-LOADTTFONTFROMFILE HPDF-DOC, "C:/windows/fonts/arial.ttf", HPDF-TRUE

Hoping someone has load true type fonts before and can assist with an example.

I did notice on the haru documentation that HPDF_LoadTTFontFromFile returns a font name and the Extend documentation doesn't appear to support the font name return.



  • 01 detail-font-name pic x(128) .
    01 embed-font-arg pic x(2).
    call "C$PDF" using HPDF-LoadTTFontFromFile, HPDF-Doc,
    detail-font-filename, embed-font-flag, detail-font-name
    call "C$PDF" using HPDF-LoadTTFontFromFile, HPDF-Doc,
    "C:/windows/fonts/arial.ttf", "-e", detail-font-name