C$system on windows 2012 R2

 We are running 10.2 64 bit.

We have a routine that uses the c@system command and we issue a "del" command and it does not work.

It returns and exit code of 0 but the file is still there.  We also issue an "ren" command afterward.

This routine works just fine on 10.264 bit on server 2008.

  • Hi Thomas,
    I found one other report of C$SYSTEM failing on Windows Server 2012 and working on Windows Server 2008. That was a few years ago and was version 9.2.4. In that case the C$SYSTEM call was launching a batch file and there was a network share involved. Is the target of the delete command located on a network share, or local on the server?
  • Doug, thank you. It is on a network share on AWS. We have successfully used the c$delete command and works fine. We just have to change all of our conversions.
  • Sorry Guys, cant find where to create a new post !!!! infuriating...


    I have server 2012 issue "OPEN EXTEND" is overwriting the file intermittently.


    AcuCobol version 9.2.0


    Everyone is happily appending ... then suddenly its all gone and starting from scratch

  • Good morning,  

    We have no evidence of such an issue in ACUCOBOL-GT, either in 9.2 or in successive releases.
    Can you activate the runtime tracing facility , record a case where the issue occurs and then report this trace file to SupportLine?

    Please add these variable to your runtime configuration file before executing your tests:


    Looking forward for these logs.
    Best Regards.

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