[archive] Threading issue

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 05 June 2008]

Hello all - (sorry for the book)

I'm having an issue with lost threading within a multi-level threading environment. I have isolated where I am losing the thread, but I'll give some background information first.

I have a process which is chosen from the main menu window which then calls the first program where the user makes a selection of over 100 people to run the process on, which then calls a parameter program, which then calls the processing program, which then calls the print program at which point the user closes/prints the displayed print and the process wraps back around to start again with the next selected person and so on.

This process was working seamlessly when, about a month ago, this lost thread began to happen. I have tried numerous things, but I can't even find an available variable to help me force the path to continue. The thread(s) is getting lost after the 15th processing in the Acu-Proc of the parameters program at the ACCEPT....ALLOWING MESSAGES FROM Any Thread.

I apologize for the book, but I figured a clear picture would save time. :)
Any suggestions or thoughts?