[archive] Windows Taskbar Problems

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 19 October 2006]

We are running THIN Client (release 6.2.0) on LINUX. Our application allows multiple sessions to be accessed of the same application program that has 2 major screens that the user can use ALT/xx keys to switch back and forth between. One of our screens is executed as an event of a button of the other.
Our users have been complaining that they see the 2nd screen from one thread in the other thread.
While trying to investigate this problem, I noticed that when I click on the windows tasbar icons of one screen, it will, after some clicking back and forth, begin to show the wrong associated threads. Yet when I use ALT/TAB to move between the taskbar icons, it consistantly works fine.
(1) Is this a known problem with AcuCobol thin client?
(2) Is there any code anyone knows of where i can ensure that the taskbar click is ALWAYS associated with the thread it is supposed to be associated with?