wrun32.exe takes a long time to load

Hi there,

I ran this past MicroFocus a while ago but did not get very far so thought I would open it up to the community.

I have noticed that on some servers the wrun32.exe is very slow to start.  We have a client running on windows 2008 server 64-bit with the 32-bit Acu4gl extend 9.01 runtime.  The runtime resides on a SAN physical drive and when RDPing into the server and double cliking on the wrun32.exe it can take up to 60 seconds before getting the cbl.out message of no parameters appears.  You can see the wrun32.exe building in memory size very slowly until it is launched.  Even if I put the runtime on the local c drive the performance is very slow to start up.  Once you are in the application the performance is fine.

Has anyone else experienced this.  The server does not have internet access.  Interesting point is that if the wrun32.exe is executed via Web Thin Client it starts really quickly which makes it even more perplexing.

Other servers for other clients and in-house have mixed results also - some take a long time and others are really quick.  But 60 seconds seems execessive especially when directly starting the application on the server.

Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.  Our client is getting really annoyed.

Thanks in advance.


  • Verified Answer

    Incase anyone else has the same issue in the future - The login issue appears to be resolved.  After launching wrun32.exe it looks like it was attempting to connect to the Verisign website.  The service account was not set to go through the proxy, so the exe just timed out when connecting to Verisign.  I’ve enabled the proxy.  The wrun32.exe start times have improved considerably.