I have a check printing program which bypasses the Windows print driver.  I have been told by Micro Focus support that it is no longer supported on Windows 10.  Does anyone have a workaround.  I have told to use a third party software but I have not had any luck with them.


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    As far as I know, ACUCOBOL-GT has not stopped supporting -P SPOOLER-DIRECT. However, it is entirely possible that Windows 10 has stopped supporting the ability of any application (including the ACUCOBOL-GT runtime) from accessing a print device directly. We have no ability to influence Microsoft in that regard.

    That being said, it should be entirely possible to format check printing using WIN$PRINTER. Your check printing program will need extensive modification, but once done it should work for all future versions of Windows, since you will be using a well-supported API (via the ACUCOBOL-GT runtime).

  • Our main program is a retail application (inventory control, point-of-sale, accounting, etc.).  Many of our customers use Star Micronics TSP 143 receipt printers with auto-cutter at their point of purchase computers.  We have to send control codes in order to cut the paper at the end of the receipt and kick the attached cash drawer open.  Since we only want receipts printing to this printer, we set the Windows default printer to a laser printer on the network and use "-Q" to print receipts.  Our report printer is set to use "-P SPOOLER".  In order to allow the control codes to pass unmodified to the receipt printer, we have to use the SPOOLER-DIRECT directive in our printer identifier.  Assuming the receipt printer is named "TSP143" in the Printers folder/list, the RECEIPT printer line in CBLCONFI is set to...


    We are using the 9.2.2 AcuCOBOL-GT runtime, and this is working for us on Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, earlier releases of Windows 10, and earlier client versions of Windows (XP, Vista, and 7).

  • Unfortunately I never know what kind of printer my customers will be using.

  • Unfortunately I never know what kind of printer my customers will be using.