Hello, there is a Customer demand for migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL with COBOL; Does a cobol microfocus precompiler exist with PostgreSQL ?


  • Acu Exrtend has a suite of development tools, including one called AcuSQL. AcuSQL consists of a SQL precompiler. The precompiler supports ANSI 2002 SQL syntax, it does not have any specialized knowledge or support for anything PostgreSQL may have made as far as SQL syntax. Different database vendors tend to extend the SQL they support. Any such PostgreSQL extensions are unknown and unsupported by AcuSQL. AcuSQL has  runtime libraries, in most cases people using PostgreSQL have use Linux, you can relink our runtime libraries with PostgreSQL so that the SQL calls are taken care of.

  • Thanks for the answer, I am not sure that I fully understand the thing:

    What ACUSQL does more than Opensql pre-compiler included (I guess) in MF product ( unix or Windows) Does it includes the ODBC drivers for PostgreSQL ? I guess it's a PostgreSQL issue not MF ? regards

  • We're really talking about two different sets of tools. Micro Focus has more than one flavor of COBOL, and the forum you posted to is for ACUCOBOL (acu extend). If you want to pursue Visual COBOL and PostGreSQL,then please post your question on this forum:

    Typically the COBOL vendor does not include any database software including drivers. The Acu compiler and AcuSQL parses SQL statements and turns them into CALL statements. The AcuSQL runtime needs to be relinked on Unix / Linux. For Microsoft environments, you just need to include the PostGreSQL dlls in your PTH so that the CALL statements are satisfied.

  • if you use acucobol you can use OLE DB to access PostgeSQL