dos prompt window when launching executable with c$system

In a program i call "c$system" to launch another cobol program in a separate process with the following:

add CSYS-ASYNC to CSYS-HIDDEN giving csys-flag

call "c$system" using "bin\wrun32 -c OUR-CONFIG.CFG myProgram"

The program correctly starts and performs its operations, however on some of our customers' PCs it opens a black dos prompt window until it' s done. The program does some background operations so it doesn't even have the screen section. I can't reproduce on my PC.

It may not be a problem has it suffice to minize the window, but our customers are really scared by this bad, ugly black screen so they are attacking our help desk service (we have more than 8000 customers).

Any idea about why this happens? I have already tried also with CSYS-MINIMIZED flag.

  • Verified Answer

    Is there any display syntax in myProgram or programs that it calls? One thing to try is to intentionally put a display window statement in your program but make that window invisible, that should make sure that no windows appear (until you want them to).