[archive] acuacces file crypted ! and FD/SL confidential

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 06 October 2003]


I use acurcl / thinclient ( UNIX Server , Windows client) and in order to configure my access, I have to use the acurcl's interface.
If I had few, ok , I could use it, but when you have more than 20 users ( in fact 70 for me with more than one access authorization) it become impossible.

So I asked for, to Acucorp FRANCE, the acuaccess file description to write a cobol program interface ( not the crypting key, only the FD and SL).
The answer of San diego is NO, nothing more !! so i am wondering... If acucorp do not want to give me theses elements may be it's because they are working on an interface smart and easy-to-use ? So Ok but quickly... because for our customers ...this configuration's interface is obligatory (prohibitive)...

May be some others users have not still encountered the disadvantage... they could think about that.