[archive] Unicode Options with Acu4GL eXtend products

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 28 September 2009]

Hi All,

One of our main achilles heel is the lack of Unicode support in the 4GL product range when reading and writing multi-lingual data on a single English server. This post is to see if anyone has devised a solution to read and write multiple languages using the Acu4GL product range from a single server. It would also be great to hear if you have tried anything even if you decided it was not a functional/possible solution in the end e.g. translation tables, conversion routines etc.

Our Environment:
-We have multiple call centres globally accessing the same Application and database
-These call centres can enter data in varied languages e.g Japanese, Hebrew, German, French, English etc
-A single call centre can also take calls from multiple regions and hence enter multiple languages within the one application interface

What we are trying to achieve:
-Maintain the core application as the main processing tool reading/writing to a database using Acu4GL extend products
-Create a new interface for a part of our application in .NET (or the like) that can be distributed to a wider global audience without the need for client files/registration on the local workstation
-Have a single application server (in English) that can perform all the Acu4GL read/write requests from both the local Core Application and the .NET UI
-All writing/reading by the Core Application and .NET UI is to be done via cobol using the Acu4GL extend product range to maintain existing acucobol business logic and code
-Read and write multi-lingual characters the .NET UI

What we have tried:
-We have experimented with many interoperability options as per Acucorp doco
-Wrunnet.dll appears to be the best fit for our requirements (although not locked in). It requires minimal coding on the asp.net net side for integration and minimal rewrite on the cobol side because we can call cobol programs directly.
-When performing tests for multi-lingual etc, Unicode data can be passed from .NET to cobol and back again in a loop maintaining all the Unicode characteristics
-When passing Unicode data from.NET to a cobol program and writing the record, then retrieve the same data the data is converted and written as ??? which indicates it does not support unicode

Look forward to hearing if anyone has overcome this.