[archive] plataform 32 bits and 64 bits

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 01 April 2008]

Hello everyone ..

I have some questions that I hope I help solve ....

-- Imagine a server with Windows Server 2003 for 32-bit and imagine a second server with Windows Server 2003 for 64-bit ...

1 ?. There acubech and runtime for 64-bit whatever?

2 ?. I have a different runtime acubech and one for the 32-bit OS and one for the 64-bit OS?

3. The runtime for the 32-bit OS run on the 64-bit OS? ... And if you are then that the provision would have less than 64 bits (for example slow)?.

4. If I have a 64-bit runtime for?, Run in 32-bit?

I hope help me with these questions that I post

Thanks to hand ...