[archive] Conversion of ACU DISPLAY SCREEN <size> in Micro Focus Cobol

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 18 June 2008]

Hi there,

Does anybody know how it would be possible to replicate with Micro Focus
cobol on Unix the ACU specific screen width switching display:

The closest from this I have found in Micro Focus Cobol (Server Express) is to do a call "cobtermmode" using
with 0 meaning 80 Columns and 1 meaning 132.

The problem is - so far - I got it only working with TERM=vt100 (with no color support) and also anything I try to display after column 80 when in 132
columns mode is simply ignored.

As in ACU, I need to be able to seamlessly switch (with full color support)
between screens with a 132 columns width and others with 80 columns width.

Apparently cobtermmode relies on terminfo and can only switch between 132 and 80 columns if the terminfo file includes support for wide mode (ie: vt100-w with cols#132)

Ideally I would probably need to get hold of a Terminfo file with the
following capabilities:
switching between 80 and 132 columns modes
full color support

Any advise would be very welcome.