[archive] Cobol calling Java Memory Limit serious problem

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 14 May 2008]

Hello to everyone,
I have a serious problem with interoperability with acucobolGT (7.0.1 and 7.2.0 for Windows) and Java.

I have a java class (called from acucobolGt) that merge several (500-600) PDF documents in one (big) PDF (about 21Mb-28Mb).

The designated java class perform this steps:

1 - extracts (one to one) the name of the PDF documents to merge contained in an array of string

2 - read the source document

3 - add the source document to the destination PDF

4 - update (write) the destination PDF on the disk

5 - repeat the steps (1-4) until the source PDF documents ends

while the class perform this steps the memory usage grow until 92Mb, at this point the class exit abnormally without generate exception or other error.

In the beginning I thought that the problem depended for the class that I used but changing the method I noticed the same problem at the same size of memory used (about 92Mb).

Someone knows if there is a limit of memory that the runtime can use?
there is a runtime variable that can change this behavior?

Another solution?

thanks in advance for your help