file permissions in acucobol

We are addressing security issues & can't figure out what determines the read-write access on vision data files created in unix by our acucobol programs.  We have played with the umasks in the user profiles & they seem to have no affect, so I'm thinking there's a umask somewhere in a config file but I can't find any documentation.   Need to know how this works in AIX, Linux & SCO.  Does anybody know?


  • Hi Barb,

    I take your referring to a runtime, and not AcuServer / AcuConnect (where there is a way to assign umask).The user permissions who started the runtime typically establishes the umask. There isn't a umask  configuration variable. In many ways, on Unix it is governed by your environment, is there a script that sets up the environment, or is the environment based on a user login.The runtime will write (read / write) files in a directory. This gives you three areas to look at, The user (perhaps their profile) or script that provides their permissions, what group are they (what permissions are set for the group), and then the directory tree, are the directories and sub-directories have the appropriate read / write permissions.