inquire colors on grid control

Does properties row-color and cell-color of grid control are inquirable? If so, from which runtime version?

I saw that in versione 9.1.0 the inquire on these properties works, but i'd like to know if they are officially supported.

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    yes, we added the INQUIRE support for the following properties of the grid control in extend 9.1.0. (cell-color, row-color, bitmap, bitmap-number, cell-font)

    They are officialy supported.



  • I have one more question about inquiring cell font. Does it return the right font handle only when the font is explicitly set with the modify of the cell-font property or the value of cell font should be correcly returned also if i used the font, heading font or row-font  properties?

    In other words, if i set the font of row "y=1" with row-font property and then i inquire the cell "y=1,x=2" with cell-font property should i get the font handle previously set to the whole row or not?

    I'm asking this because i can't manage to get the font handle that i would expect, inquiring the cell-font property.

  • The answer is Yes, an inquire should return the font that was applied when you modified the row.

    What version are you using? If you are using a version before 9.1, then the inquire will not work ... 9.1 ECN-4059 Introducing INQUIRE support for properties:   cell-color    row-color   bitmap  bitmap-number   cell-font

  • Thank you for answer. I'm using run-time 9.1.1 (verified also with 9.1.0). Inquiring "cell-color" works only when i set with "cell-color". If i set "row-color" and then inquire with "cell-color" it doesn't work properly, it returns 0 as font handle.

  • Please report this to Customer Care as it should get fixed.

  • I played with this a bit further .... if you set a cell to a color and then set the row for that cell to a different color, the cell maintains it's color. Inquiring on cell-color returns the value set for cell-color, and not any row-color setting. Even though setting row-color colors the cell.