Creating Working Storage in Acubench

Will acubench read an existing working storage file (no acubench generated) and create the working storage section? Or do I have to manually create the working storage description? I have a Version 5.2 record layout in a file as part of the program. I want to import that layout into acubench so I can build a file viewer.

  • With AcuBench you're going to have several options .. In the File view when you add your program file, you can tell AcuBench to look at your copypath and the copybook will be brought into the project. My guess in that you want to see your copybook in the Working-storage graphical designer. ... you also said record layout which may imply an FD ... but I'll proceed with the Working-Storage graphical designer. Double click on the working-storage designer in your projects graphical view .. in the upper right you'll see add item, select add item and you can choose import copy file or link copy file ... import meaning you'll get a copy of your file in the working storage designer, link meaning the Working-Storage graphical designer will contain a copy statement to your copybook. When you use link, you need to manually edit your copybook when you want changes.