[archive] AcuODBC to AcuXDBC

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 31 October 2008]


We are an ISV with a couple hundred installations of our products using the 7.0 version of the runtime and AcuODBC. We are looking to possibly move our applications to the latest 8.1 versions including AcuXDBC. Many of our customers have numerous reports created through many different ODBC compliant applications, however, most of them use Crystal Reports or Word/Excel. Through our in-house testing, we have found that it is impossible to update crystal reports that have been created in AcuODBC to the new AcuXDBC. It appears the reason for this is they use the same dll?s which causes conflicts when we try and change the data source location in crystal reports from an ODBC table to an XDBC table. I was wondering if you had any suggestions/experience with the transfer from AcuODBC to AcuXDBC? Some of our customers numerous complex crystal reports that will have to be completely redone if there is no other way.:(