web runtime AcuParam1 .. 14 in <object> tag

why AcuParam are not recognized?





    <PARAM NAME="SRC" VALUE="localhost/.../Cogeweb.acu">

    <PARAM NAME="AcuEmbedded" VALUE="TRUE">

    <PARAM NAME="AcuParam1"   VALUE "_PARAZZA">


    <PARAM NAME="AcuParam3"   VALUE "CogeWeb_Call_Sime">

    <PARAM NAME="AcuParam4"   VALUE "10">

In cobol program "c$getvariant" return blanks.

  • Based on what I see in the documentation ... Programmers Guide to the Internet

    Chapter 5: Using the ACUCOBOL-GT Web Runtime > 5.6 Invoking Your COBOL Application with the Web Runtime > 5.6.1 Using the <OBJECT> Tag > Web runtime object interface :

    The Web runtime's object interface consists of the following methods and properties. Some are bi-directional (B), some are write only (W), and others are read only (R).

    AcuParam1 W

    AcuParam2 W

    It would appear that the AcuParam are write only, not Read or bi directional.

  • I think conversely that the AcuParam are bi directional because this works:

         <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="VBScript">

         sub button1_onclick()

            call AcuGTAX.src("localhost/.../Cogeweb.acu")

            call AcuGTAX.AcuEmbedded(1)

            call AcuGTAX.AcuOptions(" -d -c cblconfi.giovanni")

            call AcuGTAX.AcuParam1("_PARAZZA")

            call AcuGTAX.AcuParam2("CogeWebCallSime")

            call AcuGTAX.AcuParam3("11")

            call AcuGTAX.AcuExecute()

         end sub


    thanks for the reply