[archive] Docking And Mouse

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 18 July 2005]

I have two screens docked by having them share the same window handle. The display is subsectioned into separate windows because we have a huge entry program that we would like to have developed by different programmers at the same time.
I tried to use the mouse to determine via it's position which screen should be active and am having problems getting a good value back when in THIN client.
I initialize the program by displaying screen "B" first and then displaying screen "A" using the same handle as screen "B". Screen "A" is then the active screen.
I place a hidden field at the end of each screen and use a "before" procedure to cause the other screen to be active to take care of tabbing.
When I attempt to use the mouse to sense the mouse position, I find that under windows the mouse works fine and gives the line position based on the entire window (so I can assume if say screen "A" is 10 lines long, that if the mouse is at row 12, then screen "B" should be active).
However in THIN client, not only does the mouse not give me the same values, but does not even respond that the mouse is outside of the window (row 0). Instead it continually responds with a row of 1.
Is there any way to have THIN client give back accurate mouse row and lines in this case?