[archive] Multi Language Support

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 24 March 2004]

We have been able run our application in other languages besides English (Japanese, Korean, Hebrew) but only on localized versions of Windows or with the code-page on an english version of windows set to the specific language needed. This works great for companies that only need the one language but for companies that need to be able to input and work with multiple languages, this does not work. It seems to be an issue in that the Acucobol Runtime is a non-unicode program and so can only support one language at a time.

Microsoft has a program called AppLocale that apparently uses their program compatability stuff in XP and 2003 to change the code page of a specific running application. This is half of the solution. It would allow our program to be run in several different languages on the same system, but someone with Japanese as their language would see text in Korean as unreadable.

We also looked at the MUI stuff available for Win2003 but although it changes all of the menus to the user's language, it does not change the user's default codepage.

Does acucorp forsee supporting unicode in their runtime or do they have another solution for being able to support multiple languages within the runtime?

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