Cheat sheet for setting up CGI on IIS 7.5

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 10 February 2012]

I recently had to set up CGI with IIS 7.5 on a Win. 7 Pro and a WIN 2008 server. Since the Micro Focus instructions are IIS 5 on Win 2000 server, I thought someone may be able to benefit from my ordeal.
The instructions are rough but here they are:

If this is a new machine, confirm that wrun32.exe is operational from the desk top.

Download and install Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

Run Web Platform Installer and choose IIS 7 Recommended Configuration.

Follow this link for directions to install the CGI module.

Start IIS and right click the "Default Web Site" in the Connections Panel (right).

Choose "Add Application" from the pop-up menu.

Type cgi-bin or the name of your choosing in the "Alias" field.

Type the path to the folder containing wrun32.exe.

Accept the defaults for "Application pool" and "Pass-through authentication".

Click OK.

Select the new application in the connections panel (right).

Double click the "Handler Mappings" icon in the Home panel (center).

Double click the "CGI-exe" item and an "Edit Script Map" pop-up window will appear.

Type "*.ACU" in the "Request path" field.

Type C:\ACU\wrun32.exe -f "%s" in the "Executable" field.

Click "request Restrictions..." button and a "Request Restrictions" pop-up window will appear.

Accept the defaults on the "Request Restrictions" pop-up window by clicking "OK".

Click "OK" to close the "Edit Script Map" pop-up window.

This will trigger an "Edit Script Map" question asking if you want to allow this ISAPI extension. click "Yes".

At this point you should be good to go.