[archive] Unix scripting and vision files

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 25 May 2006]

Hi all. I need to write a unix script which will run conversion programs without user intereaction.

I'm planning on creating one routine which will handle file size/available disk space checking, run the conversion, then check for errors. This will allow me to use it generically by calling it from other functions that would tell it the file, program, and whether it is a vision file or not.

1. What is the best way to tell if a file is a vision file or not. I'd like to be able to log/fail gracefully if a file is supposed to be a vision file and it's not.

2. What is the best way to get the full disk space requirements (data index segments)? The best thing I've been able to come up with is redirecting the output of the vutil command and striping it out of there.

All of this is going to be done from a ksh shell script.

Thanks for any thoughts,