PDFcreator 2.4.0

To use activex pdfcreator-2.4.0 should generate the .DEF file as follows


This is due to a change in the com interface not seen since the version 2.0.0


  • Hi Luis,

    I'm sorry but I don't understand what you are reporting or asking about.  Can you restate the issue, and explain more about it?

  • Hi Luis,

    I received your direct message with the link to download your test program.  I can see that it crashes with a blank error message on this statement:

    MODIFY PDF-PrintJob,

                      @SetProfileSetting("OpenViewer", "true").

    Since the error message is blank I can't tell what might be wrong.  You should raise a support incident with Customer Care.

  • Hi Luis,

    Thank you for the additional clarification.  Your updates are only coming to me directly.  In the future please update the actual Forum thread so it is visible to everyone.

    It seems that you are posting your sample program to demonstrate for others a successful way to interface with PDF Creator 2.4.0 from ACUCOBOL-GT.  Here is the link to the zip file containing your AcuBench project which works without error on your PC:


    I realized I had an older version of PDFCreator so I installed 2.4.0.  Now I'm getting an error "29100 - Internal Ghostscript error." on this statement:

    MODIFY PDF-PrintJob, @ConvertTo(PDF-FULL-PATH).