Printing 16 CPI

I am a long time Cobol programmer but new to MicoFocus.  I am trying to get a report to print 176 characters on letter paper (16 cpi) without bypassing the windows print driver.  I have looked through the documentation but I just can not get it to work.

  • Are you using Micro Focus Visual COBOL, or Net Express, or are you using Extend, as in extend 9 or extend 10? Are you embedding your own control codes? Can you provide a small example of what you are doing. With Extend .. you can under Windows, you may print directly to the printer by defining PRINTER in the configuration file as "-D PRN or use "-P SPOOLER". If you want to control the format of the printout yourself using embedded control codes, simply assign your print file to "-P SPOOLER-DIRECT" . There seems to have been some changes to Windows 10 involving the spooler, so you might want to tell us where (what Windows systems ) you're trying to print on.

  • I am upgrading to the 10.0.1 compiler from 7.2.  On 7.2, it was hit a miss on the printer selection when bypassing the Windows print driver.  I was told my Micro Focus support that Windows no longer supports bypassing the print driver.  So I am trying to get a 16 cpi font using the WIN$PRINTER command.

  • Have you tried taking your existing print and  assigned your print file to -P SPOOLER-DIRECT or to -Q printername using the DIRECT=ON option

    For WIN$PRINTER, you would choose a font that provides 16cpi and use W$FONT to obtain a handle to that font, then use WIN$PRINTER

    When you take a look at WIN$PRINTER there are a lot of op-codes WINPRINT-SET-FONT being one of them

  • Our company writes accounting software so I have customers using all forms of Windows operating systems.  I am compiling with 7.2 runtime for my existing customers but will be using 10.0.1 for new customers.  At my office, if I bypass the print driver, I can print on one of my network printers but not my slave printer so I do not think bypassing the print driver is an option.

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    The attached sample program demonstrates 150 characters per line printing.  Modify it to load a different font that will provide 176 characters per line.  You might need to experiment with which font and size will give what you need.