[archive] Zlib

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 13 October 2005]

Hello everyone,
I'm testing the use of ZLIB protocol for AGS_SOCKET_COMPRESS and I noticed a strange behaviour in a
AcuConnect/ThinClient system: if I use C$Copy to transfer a file from a client to server if AGS_SOCKET_COMPRESS is setted to ZLIB in tha cblconfi runtime file, sometimes the destination file is created but at 0 byte and it's really empty.
The strange thing is that the thing sometimes happens and sometimes no: with debugger open 1st time works well and 2nd fails, without the debuggere activated 1st and 2nd time works and 3rd fails.
The server is a Linux Mandrake distr. with glibc 2.2 libraries.
Has someone experienced a similar behaviour?
TIA Giovanni.