Picture in Excel cell


I would like to insert a picture into a EXCEL CELL. I found a thread in this forum that explains how to insert a picture into an excel sheet :

   create application of excel handle in hexcelapp

   modify hexcelapp @SheetsInNewWorkBook = 1

   modify hexcelapp workbooks::add() giving hexcellibro

   inquire hexcellibro worksheets::item(1) in hexcelhoja

   modify hexcelhoja Pictures() giving hexcelpictures.

   modify hexcelpictures insert("c:\iconta00\infco.bmp")

   giving hexcelpicture.

   modify hexcelpicture @height = 150.

   modify hexcelpicture @width = 285.

   modify hexcelapp @visible = 1

  destroy hexcelhoja

  destroy hexcellibro

  destroy hexcelapp

but it is not enough for my needs.

I need to bind a cell to an image through its path.

Please, can you help me ?

thank you very much, regards.