If your company is hiring, please pass on the following information. 

I have 15 years of experience designing, developing, enhancing, and converting applications using ACUCOBOL.  I am also familiar with ACUSQL and adding embedded SQL statements in a COBOL program.   I can show you the applications and the code behind the screens.   

If you are looking for someone with experience programming and supporting ACUCOBOL applications, I would appreciate the opportunity.  I am not looking to relocate as my family is here in the Dallas area.  I have worked remotely for the past 14 years as a developer and software support person.   I realize onsite training would be necessary and additional times required in the office.  With today’s tools, remote desktop and GoToMeeting, I can be in any meeting as fast as walking down the hall.   If this is a possibility, I would like a chance to prove my abilities.  

Send me your address and I will send my resume.  I thank your for your consideration.

Patty Stepp