[archive] Acuserver and 'NAMED-PIPE'

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 01 February 2006]

I am trying to configure Acuserver on our Windows Server 2003 system to authenticate connections using the 'named pipe' option. The manual warns...

" In order to use this option successfully, your client machine must have permission to connect to the named pipe that AcuServer creates. If your machine does not have permission, it may look to you as though your client runtime has hung and it may look to other users as though the server is down. Without the proper permission, the only way to resolve this situation is to kill the server using the Windows NT task manager. See your Windows system administrator for help in establishing named pipe permissions and resolving connection problems. "

Well, that is exactly what is happening. I lack the sysadmin skills on NT to know what to do... and half a day spent Googling the planet has not made me any smarter.

Can any one help me figure out the NT 'permissions' aspect to this?