Browser Component and Errors...

We use the browser component in lots of places in our system but there are times that certain websites throw errors.  Below is a sample of an error that is thrown up to the user.  Does anyone have any clue on how we can stop errors like this from being thrown up to our users?

  • These are typically errors on the web page itself. I realize you may not have control over the users machine. Their best action would be in avoiding script errors in the future, they can turn off script debugging and notifications in Internet Explorer. Or you could direct them to this Microsoft Knowledge base article ..

  • I would like to see if anyone can help me with this?!?!  We are seeing this issue more and more with our users.  If I take the same web address and paste it manually into IE the script errors will not show.  The issue is when we use the web browser built into Acu that we have the scripting issue.  I have tried to set the registry setting listed in the article above for 'acuthin.exe' but it has no effect.

    ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!!