GUID - unknown data type for ACU4GL

We would like to introduce "replication" process to our databases built in MSSQL version of 2008 R2.  We use ACU4GL to handle our I/O operation. Our ACUCOBOL run time varies but minimum 9.2.0 ECN-GL524.

The first step of the replication implementation is to add “Globally Unique Identifier – GUID” to each table. GUID column has its own datatype and cannot be changed to another datatype. These GUID columns are not referenced by COBOL (ie. FDs don’t have them hence XFDs don’t have them either). We expect that COBOL/ACU4GL will disregard them like A4GLIDENITY column.

However, we get an error “unknown datatype for column xx: GUID (-11)” and program abends with 9D, 23 (where xx is the column number of GUID column added).

I was wondering anyone in Micro Focus community had similar issue with GUID datatype and how you have overcome this issue?


  • This functionality has been added and will be included in a future release. Additionally, there is a patch which adds this functionality into version 10.1.0. If you are running 10.1.0, raise a support incident and request the patch. If you are on a version prior to 10.1.0 you will need to upgrade and then request the patch.
    In the meantime the workaround is to create a view which excludes the GUID column, then configure your application to run against that view rather than the underlying table.