I am evaluating AcuToWeb. Our existing application is written in Acucobol 5.2. We do not use AcuBench. I am attempting to run the application using AcuToWeb. The program loads in the browser. However the screen layouts and fonts are not displayed correctly. Also, the menu does not work. We use C$Run to call programs from the menu. The menu loads, but the programs are not being called. If I try to call a programs from the menu, the menu closes without an error. Do I need to make any changes to use AcuToWeb ?

Thanks in advance.

  • Have you ever used Acu Thin client? AcuToWeb essentially runs an AcuThin client session in a browser. A good way to proceed is to get your program or application running in Thin client. Essentially you need an alias. An alias specifies the working directory and the command line needed (including the configuration file) to run your app. If you are having font issues, consider running AcuToWeb desktop on the client.
  • One other aspect of C$RUN .. C$RUN is supported in Thin Client environments. To execute a program on the display host in a thin client environment, add the prefix @[DISPLAY]: to the name of any program that resides on the client machine. For example:

    C$RUN "@[DISPLAY]:C:\notepad myfile.txt"

    You would also need the AcuToWeb Desktop running to support the @[DISPLAY] syntax.