Dash's or Lines within a Push-button


  • I believe you are asking about the first push-button - Add Employee Payroll - This is a Windows behavior showing which control has focus. Try executing with this runtime configuration variable WIN32_NATIVECTLS ON .. this variable (from Version 8 and forward) provides a more modern Windows look and feel - one of which is that the focus rectangle is no longer applied.

  • I was wrong (Ran the wrong program Version) and I took it back out because it was chopping off the bottom of all modifiable fields.
  • I was wrong (Ran the wrong program Version) and I took it back out because it was chopping off the bottom of all modifiable fields.
  • What version are you using? What compile options are you using? The focus rectangle can be made softer ... windowssecrets.com/.../143680-What-is-the-quot-focus-rectangle-quot .. If you uncheck that setting the focus will be as soft as possible without the WIN32_NATIVECTLS ON. I believe this is a registry setting as well if you need to apply it to all users.

    When you state modifiable fields, are you referring to entry-fields or any control where you can adjust the size. Is the chopping occurring to all fields or fields near the bottom of the screen?
  • Version 10.0.1 Compile options: -Cb -Di -Ds -Lf -Ls -c62 -z62 -SI COBOL -SX XFD -Vx -w -Za -Ga -Zl -Zr0 -Zz. And yes Entry-Fields and chops all entry fields. I will take a look @ windows secrets.
  • Can you try one sample program and not use -c62 -z62 see if that make any difference. I'm not sure what would cause the chopping, you might experiment with the runtime configuration variable DEFAULT_FONT MEDIUM   - this is the default

    You can set DEFAULT_FONT to one of the following values to use a different font. The following words are valid settings:

  • I am getting closer. In my test program I put a small push button on the top right with no text, The problem went away on my "Add Employee ETC." button. I then tabbed the cursor for fun and the focus then showed up on the Add Employee button. So all I have to do is have the focus first on a blank field or somewhere else on the screen?????
  • If you really take a look at the push-button with no text, when you tab to it, the focus rectangle darkens the outer edge of the button, but with a push-button with text, the focus rectangle will appear inside the push button. Windows focus will occur, with the WIN32_NATIVECTLS ON a coloration occurs around the outside edge of a push-button and on the inside edge of an entry-field. If we can eliminate the entry-field cropping issue, the WIN32_NATIVECTLS ON is a good way to make the screen appear more modern.