AcuBenchPrint.dll function documentation

Is there any documentation on the functions exposed in AcuBenchPrint.dll?  Thanks!

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    No, I don't believe these functions are documented. I believe the dll was made in a fashion to match the generated code that AcuBench makes when you use the Report feature. Use AcuBench and Open the Reports.pjt and generate Report1a, you'll see calls like these:

    CALL "AcuBenchPrintGetMargins"

    CALL "AcuBenchPrintGetPaperSize"

    CALL "AcuBenchPrintGetMargins"

    CALL "AcuBenchPrintGetPaperName"

  • @shjerpe - Thank you.  That kind of stinks.  Confused  I just wanted to print without a preview but needed the correct arguments.  I did find what I needed using a similar method as what you described.  For future generations, this is what I used to avoid showing a print preview and print one copy:

                  MOVE 1 to ACU-PAPER-COPIES

                  CALL "@[DISPLAY]:AcuBenchPrintExecWBPrint" USING

                       BY CONTENT PRT-FULLFILENAME,


                       BY CONTENT PRINT-BROWSER-PARA,

                       BY CONTENT ACU-PAPER-HEADER,

                       BY CONTENT ACU-PAPER-FOOTER,

                       BY CONTENT ACU-PAPER-SIZE,


                       BY VALUE ACU-PAPER-COPIES,

                       BY CONTENT ACU-PRINTER-NAME


  • All of the graphical examples examples that we provide has two pieces of code in the event editor


              PERFORM Acu-Report1c-Preview      


              PERFORM Acu-Report1c-PRINT-TOFILE

              PERFORM Acu-Report1c-PRINT-PARA

    and calls CALL "AcuBenchPrintExecWBPreview" USING

    You don't need to have these particular calls. You can just use


              PERFORM Acu-Report1c-PRINT-TOFILE

              PERFORM Acu-Report1c-PRINT-PARA