Java program with TLSv1.2 protocol doesn't work when use Acucobol C$SYSTEM

Hi everyone,


I've a Java program called consStatServ.jar and basically the main method creates a XML, and send it to a web service and returns a response, however to send it to the web service, I need to put in it a signature, for do this is necessary using certificate. In this case, I'm using Oberthur.

This method works fine when I execute it in Eclipse, but when I call it within Acucobol C$SYSTEM causes error: "error signing certificate verify".

I've already tried using the C$JAVA and it triggers other error caused by use of protocol object in a Java method.


What's wrong? Is there another way to do this?





  • We provide RMNet, which provides capabilities for COBOL to interact with Web Services.
  • Thanks for your answer.

    In fact this error occours in command line out ofEclipse. It's possible to be a incorrect system set. I'm looking for something on web.

    Thanks a lot.

    Carlos (English is my second language and I like it, but I need to practice more)
  • More than likely it is an environment variable that needs to be set before running your script. Is CLASSPATH set?

  • Hi shjerpe,

    I've seen the RMNet solution and CLASSPATH as well.

    I've tested the FahrenheitToCelsius SOAP method and works fine, but there is already WebServices runnig and I simply need to connect them using certificates and the Acucobol doesn't support it. I've to use Java for do this.

    CLASSPATH is used to call Java and it isn't my problem. I use some Java parameters in cblconfig to call Java methods using C$JAVA and it's working fine.

    When I said about system setting I was telling you about parameters like cryptography, keystore, certificates repository, token for signarutes, etc to pass to Java method and then to connect or sending XML to SOAP web service.

    Well, in fact I wrote this question and no longer I noticed that the problem is in the use of a specific token. When I use others kind of token, this problem doesn't occur.

    I'm still searching any solution on Web.

    So, thank you so much for "listen me".