acuthin utility for file transfer

Is there any way to use acuthin to transfer files between the local machine and the host/server?  That is, a utility...I know I could write a small program to do so.  It is for when FTP, RDP, etc are unavailable.  thanks

  • You can use C$COPY to accomplish this using the "@[DISPLAY]:" prefix for the client/local machine.  The following would copy file1.ext to the server from the local machine where the thin client is executing. 


  • This is old, but I figured this info was worth mentioning to anyone who reads this post.

    In addition to the already mentioned C$COPY with the "@[DISPLAY]:" trick, you can also use C$OPENSAVEBOX to launch a windows dialog box, and let the user pick the file to be processed.  They you use C$COPY to copy the file to the server, where it can be further processed.