Remote compiling on HP-UX server using AcuBench


I am using AcuBench on Window to write my code and supposedly I want to compile the file program (.cbl) on the HP-UX server, do I need to have ACUCOBOL-GT Dev Sys product key and license for both the Window pc and HP-UX server or it is enough just to have the product key and license for HP-UX?

Since I am getting this error:

License file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\extend 10.1.0\AcuGT\bin\ccbl32.alc' inaccessible

  • Verified Answer

    In order to compile with AcuBench you need a Development System license on that PC. The compile operation takes place in AcuBench on that PC, not on the server. Then you can FTP transfer the object files to the server. On the HP-UX server you will need the Runtime license.
    Do you want to pre-compile the source on the HP-UX server, like for embedded SQL?
    If so then you'll need the Boomerang product and its license on the HP-UX server. Boomerang automates the transfer of the source to the server, precompile, transfer back, compile and lastly transfer the object file to the server. Contact your Micro Focus Account Manager for information about ordering Boomerang.