Customers with increasing file errors

Good evening,

For the last couple of months, several of my customers have been complaining about a steady increase in the number of file errors they are receiving while using my software.  Most of them have not had an update of my software, so nothing changed from my perspective.  The most commonly reported are File Busy (on personal temp files, so shouldn't ever happen) and Disk Space Exhausted despite small file sizes (like 10kb) and no where near disk capacity.  The ones who have reported this are running a mix of Windows 7 and 10 with AcuCobol ver 7.2 or 10.0 (I don't believe this is happening for my 10.1 user.

They have tried: rebooting, disk defragmentation, and rebuilding their Windows profiles; all to no avail.

Anyone else experience this or know if it's tied to a Windows update not playing nice?

Thanks for any input, customers are losing patience.  I apologize for any omissions of data, please just ask and I'll be happy to provide the information to the best of my ability.

Jim Read