Acucobol-GT thin client question

I hope I'm in the right place.

First let me say that i've inherited this system from a former IT member 3x removed now. I have no ideal how this is setup, so please forgive me for sounding stupid. We moved into a new office last week and are on a new network. I've updated the IP of the Acucobal server, but when clicking on the client I get "Connection failed General socket error". I'm guessing that the client software is pointed to the server, which has now been moved. Would anyone know if this is something I need to go back to the developer to fix or is there something on the server side I need to change? Sorry for being so vague, if you need more detail, let me know what you need and I'll dig it up.



  • The client icon you're clicking should be one of two things:

    • A Windows shortcut pointing to the acuthin.exe executable
    • A shortcut to a file having a .atc or .acutc extension

    If it's the first one, you need to edit the shortcut properties (right-click > Properties). Look for the Target field - it should contain the full path to acuthin.exe followed by a set of arguments in the form "host:port alias", where host is either the hostname or IP address of the server, port (optional) is the TCP port that AcuConnect is listening on, and alias is the name of an entry in an alias file on the server. If all you changed on the server is the IP address, you should only need to change the hostname/IP address value in the shortcut.

    If the icon points to a .atc or .acutc file, it will be a text file that you can edit. There should be a line containing ATC-SERVER followed by the hostname or IP address of the server. Edit this value and you should be good to go.

  • thanks for the quick reply,

    Unfortunately I had no luck finding the files or paths you described.

    My shortcut just point to  .exe file which is call EMPower.exe. there is a Acucorp folder with the following .dll files










    and  acuthin.exe

    I've looked through these but couldn't find anything referencing our server, if these even have anything to do with it.

  • Empower.exe is definitely NOT something provided by Micro Focus. Maybe a past developer created it as a wrapper of some sort, which in turn executes acuthin.exe? Is empower.exe in the same Acucorp directory? If not, could you provide the location - and right-click on the actual executable (not just the shortcut), then go to Properties>Details and see if there's any additional information there (description, copyright, version, etc).