ACUXDBC column data format(varchar/nvarchar) Language/characters


I am struggeling with what I suspect to be a XFD-definition problem.

The "sql" data format of text columns is somehow wrong. It cannot display Norwegian characters, which is a problem for me. The format is now varchar(30) which is a non-Unicode format. I am not sure if changing to e.g. nvarchar wil help me, but its the first thing I can think of.

Have any of you got any ideas of how to extract text-fields with international(Norwegian) characters?

  • Version 10 GA date is Sept 24 2015 .

    SUBJECT: Different characters sets showing incorrectly in a query

    Change Number:  ECN-XD101

    New Version: 10.0.0

    If an application such as Microsoft query attempts to read data files containing OEM characters, the data would not display correctly. A new configuration variable has been introduced that will translate entered

    data to and from the ANSI and the OEM character set.


    Setting this variable to ON(TRUE, YES), causes XDBC to call a function that will translate the ANSI character set to the OEM character set.  Data being read will be translated from the OEM character set to the ANSI character set.