AcuToWeb Setup

Good day, I had just setup AcuCobol-GT, AcuConnet .. etc Version 10.1 ... at

HP-UX:  compiler, AcuConnect and cobol programs which upgraded from previous V10.0
LINUX: AcuToWeb and AcuConnect

Windows: AcuToWeb (desktop), AcuToWeb (Control panel) ... extend v 10.1, thin client v 10.1

The architecture setup will works in this way:

HP-UX (All data, programs stored here)
LINUX (hosted apache)
Windows (Client side)

How should it to be setup and programs should be installed ?

  • Currently, I had launch AcuConnect at HP-UX using default port 5632. While LINUX server is running AcuToWeb gateway
    TCP 8008 (default) and Webserver 3000 (default)

    IP for HPUX -
    IP for LINUX -

    I plan to setup a client (MS Win 10) to browse the program using FIREFOX. The client is possible to run application in AcuThinClient V10.1.

    So, how to properly configure to make AcuToWeb works?
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    Thank you for the additional environment details.

    It looks like you will modify your gateway.conf file to be something like:
    "acurcl" : "",
    "acurcl_port" : 5632,
    "MAX_PKG_SIZE" : 64000,
    "LOG_LEVEL" : 1,
    "webserver_port" : 3000,
    "tcp_port" : 8008,
    "public_root_dir" : "./Web",
    "file_cache" : "./Temp",
    "logfile" : "gateway.log"
    See the documentation about these configuration entries here:

    Start the gateway with “acutoweb-gateway -start” as described in the documentation here: 

    Lastly you will modify the Apache httpd.conf file as shown in the documentation under 'Scenario 1' here:

  • I have check the configuration.

    The settings Gateway config file and gateway is started at LINUX
    The apache had also forward communication via the port.

    But i run directly in LINUX browsing port 3000 it direct to a gateway connect page. I wonder how to connect to cobol program at HPUX ?
  • Please show us the contents of the gateway.conf file.
  • AcuConnect at HPUX

    AcutoWeb is setup at LINUX

    My gateway.conf file

    "acurcl" : "",
    "acurcl_port" : 5632,
    "MAX_PKG_SIZE" : 64000,
    "LOG_LEVEL" : 1,
    "webserver_port" : 3000,
    "tcp_port" : 8008,
    "public_root_dir" : "./Web",
    "file_cache" : "./Temp",
    "ws_compression": 1,
    "logfile" : "gateway.log"

    The status check " acutoweb-gateway -info "

    AcuToWeb Gateway up and running.


    acurcl.cfg FILE is all default setting

    acurcl.ini file

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="US-ASCII" standalone="no"?>
    <!-- ./ - generated by ACUCOBOL-GT v10.1.0 on 2015/05/25 edit -->
    <Aliases xmlns:rcl="">

    I tried to establish connection from LINUX to HPUX through the gateway .
  • What you need will be an acuconnect license (acuconnect.wlc - an acutoweb license) for the HP-UX machine. Let us know which HP machine you have, an HP-UX 11.31 (32 bit or 64 bit) Itanium or PA-RISC. Although the Gateway runs on Linux, the licensing is taken care of by AcuConnect, which you have running on the HP machine, so we need to get you an appropriate license.

  • I have an activated license for that. FYI,

    HPUX - the location of license is stored at /opt/acu1010ux64/bin/
    acurcl.alc, runcbl.alc both still active

    LINUX - license location /opt/acu1010a2w/bin/
    acurcl.alc, acurcl.wlc

    All license still active.

    While I tested it in local,
    I can see the resources port, localhost:8008 @ [Webpage display NO resources, means can browse but since not connected to any alias]


    While access via localhost:3000 @, that's the gateway connection setup page, where should I point?
    My program alias is "testing", obj files at, acuconnect port 5632 (default)

    Gateway connection:
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    I believe you have it configured correctly. The Gateway is on Linux, however all licensing for AcuToWeb are handled through AcuConnect. Your current AcuConnect license acurcl.wlc which is the AcuToWeb license resides on the Linux machine. We need to get you a acurcl.wlc license to be on the HP server.
    The url to access the Gateway should show the Connection setup. Then you enter an alias (i.e. tour). When you use the Connect button, the Gateway configuration tells the Gateway to send that alias over to the HP machine to run the program. The output of the execution of that program is sent back through the Gateway on the Linux machine to your Windows client browser. If you provide which HP machine you have, an HP-UX 11.31 (32 bit or 64 bit) Itanium or PA-RISC, then we can send a temporary license code and key to the email you have listed for this Community forum. Hopefully once you have that license you'll see your program execute through AcuToWeb.

  • Alright. So, it's the license issue when ever i execute a connection through [connection setup]
    Gateway connection: [ correct ? ]
    It's prompt there is no license available .. so yes, please send me a temporary license code.

    FYI, the machine info for HPUX
    Model: ia64 hp server rx2660
    OS: HP-UX B.11.31
    License: U
  • Have you installed our 32 bit software or our 64 bit software on this server?