AcuSQL error "Invalid character value for cast specification" after switching machines.

We have a program that reads a text file and uses AcuSQL to insert the data into an MS-SQL table. The program has been working for years. i runs on a seperate computer from where the SQL table resides. The PC on which the program runs died yesterday and a new PC was installed.

Since the program has been running on the new PC we get the following error on each insert:

SQLCODE: 000000001   SQLSTATE: 22018   Invalid character value for cast specification

Most fields in the insert are Char or varchar and are fed a pic x.

But I also have the following:
a smallint that is fed a s9(9) comp-5
a smalldate that is fed a pic x(10)   (Filled with a date formatted mm/dd/yyyy)
a smallmoney that is fed a pic 9(4)v99.

As I said this was working fine on the old PC. Any ideas would be appreciated.