ACUCobol c$xml cxml-parse-next-record


Has anyone ever used the cxml-parse-next-record op code with c$xml ?

I have tried this as per the manual example but the return-code I get back from cxml-parse-next-record is 1 not a handle.

If anyone has any information on this I would appreciate.

  • Verified Answer

    I believe there may ba doc issue here, a return code of 1 in this case is success.

    extract the zip

    Program1.acu -  the compiled object

    Program1.cbl - the source for the program

    Program1.src - the complete pure source with copybooks expanded

    acumon.xml - sample xml file to use with program

    Run the test on a Windows PC as the program is graphical:  wrun32 -d program1.acu

    In the debugger do a find on "cxml-parse-next-record", set a breakpoint on that line, and then go.

    In the 'Filename' entry field enter acumon.xml, then click 'Open file'.

    At the breakpoint step once then check return-code, it is 1 if success, then go.

    Click the 'Get Next Element' button, and then step from there to see the next-record logic.