GRID losing focus in AcuCobol ver 8.1.3

I am using Acu 8.1.3 (Linux OS) on bo thweb-thin client and local thin-client. 
  - cell in grid is defined numeric; data-type is numeric
When invoking the cobol program, I  encounter this problem when I enter the grid,

This occurs only when I use a lookup program within a cell, i.e. customer master lookup (calling a different program).

The cursor does not go back to the grid, I have to click on a cell in the grid.  Then this behavior happens:
 I cannot enter numbers in the cells that are defined numeric;
As a workaround I exit the grid, then go back to the cell.
Only thru this am I allowed to enter number. I am able to continue
with the rest of the cells without any problem.

Can anyone help me pls?

  • Hi dufox,

    1. Give your grid an id

    2. After your lookup code

    MOVE 4                    TO ACCEPTFLAG.

    MOVE my-grid-id           TO CONTROL-ID.

    This should force the cursor to the grid.

    Please let me know if this was of any help.

  • When you state you call the lookup program, are you doing so through a HOT-KEY? If so, that type of action would not work in V 8.1.3. For version 9.1, this enhancement was made

    SUBJECT: HOT-KEY support for Grid control

    Change Number:  ECN-4058

    If you aren't using a HOT-KEY, I found this ECN:

    SUBJECT: Thin Client: Odd Grid behavior after returning from a called program

    Change Number:  ECN-4062

    When running with thin client, if an event occurs during an ACCEPT statement

    and the active control is a grid control, then if the event procedure causes

    another ACCEPT statement to execute, when the nested ACCEPT terminates it can

    leave the system in a particular state such that the grid control is

    unresponsive to the next attempt to enter data.