Need Help (Philadelphia Area)

My organization is running an old COBOL based program from a company called Unicare (no longer around or supported) that is used to submit medical claims to insurers. The program has failed - we are getting data I/O errors and have no resources available to fix this problem, although we have been trying many things to do so. I am positive we are dealing with a data issue (not a software issue) but we are so far unable to fix this although we have tried many things. If anyone can provide some help or knows of someone who can I would be most appreciative. We will compensate anyone who helps of course. I can provide more details to someone who believes they can help but the environment is

The UniCare system is running inside an AccuServer & AccuCOBOL-GT v6.2.0 environment on a 32-bit Windows 2003 SP2 Server 

Marc Slovak