Having a couple of problems with AcuToWeb


I tried AcuToWeb 10.1 a couple of years ago and had several problems that couldn't be resolved.  I just recently tried version 10.2 and was very impressed with the progress.  The scroll bars now show up where they are needed and the visual aspects are nearly identical to the thin client.  However, I'm still having two problems.

The first is that, at the bottom of many of our screens, is a Status-Bar element.  When the information in it is updated, it works fine.  But whenever the vertical scroll bar is used, the Status-Bar element immediately disappears (or vertically shrinks to a horizontal line; I can't tell for sure if it's there or if there's just a rendering artifact).

The second is that we open a second screen (in the thin client it is a new window) to display our help information.  In AcuToWeb, this new screen is completely blank.  I've tried using the debugger and it looks like it's trying to add the text to the window, but nothing is displayed.

Does any of this sound familiar or is there any additional information I can provide?  Is there some style sheet changes that I can make?  Or should I just open a support issue?