Extend runtime and OS


I was looking on product documentation for different platforms accepted to install the runtime, and i barely see windows and unix. Anyone knows if is there a runtime for iOS, Android or any other OS?

Thanks afterwards

  • You did not say what you were trying to do with these platforms.  However, in my opinion, the more appropriate use of a tablet or phone would be strictly for the user interface.  In this case, you would create web services on a non-mobile server (using, for example, Xcentrisity Business Information Server for extend).  Program the user interface using standard browser techniques, or a widget set particular to the mobile platform. 

    extend's graphical interface is Windows-centric, and therefore not likely to move to iOS or Android very easily.

    Tom Morrison
    Hill Country Software

  • Hello,

    Thanks for the answer Tom. We'll need it for a stand alone software for sales in the customer place, using an ipad. Via web is discarded.


  • Verified Answer

    There isn't a runtime for iOS, or Android.

    Our runtime is available for (32 and 64 bit)

    AIX 6.1

    AIX 7.1

    HP-UX 11.23

    HP-UX 11.23i v2

    HP-UX 11.31

    HP-UX 11i

    Linux (glibc-2.x

    Linux PowerPC

    Solaris 10

    Solaris 11

    Solaris 9.0

    Windows up through Windows 8.1

  • Steve, I am inferring from the question and follow-up that there is an expectation of using the GUI.  (Perhaps the tablet will be used in a character mode, but I have my doubts.)  Am I correct that the GUI only runs on Windows clients?  I know the application can be running on any supported platform, but the GUI is not hosted locally on the non-Windows platforms, only through the Acu client, correct?

    If my assumptions are correct, then probably the best choice for this customer would be a Windows tablet, rather than iOS or Android.

  • i hope microfocus make an ios and android support!!!  ASAP